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Educational Trip Overview

Approval must be requested in advance for any educational trip taken during the school year. The principal must be notified at least two weeks prior to the absence. No student may spend more than a total of five (5) school days on an approved educational trip in any given school year. Extended trips must be discussed with the building administrator to outline necessary requirements. 

A building-approved Non-School District Sponsored Educational Trip or Tour (up to five [5] days in length) and/or College Trip (up to three [3] days in length) will not be considered an absence, but will be counted as an approved field trip. All written requests need to list the dates of requested absence. It is further understood that the student is responsible to make up all tests/quizzes missed during the absence within five (5) days of return to school. Assigned work is due upon the student’s return unless other arrangements have been made.

The form to request approval can be found on the district website or at your school’s attendance office. 

Educational Trip Release Form

For more information, see Board Policy No. 204.