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Career Exploration

All PVI students use a career exploration computer program, Xello, to explore their interests and abilities and relate those to possible careers. School Counselors work with students in classrooms, in small groups, and/or individually to complete the lessons. Listed below are the lessons for the 2023-2024 school year. 

3rd Grade Lessons

  • Interests and School Subjects - Students enter their individual interests.They also rank their school subjects and identify the topics within each subject they enjoy the most.
  • Mission: Interests - Students complete a mission in Xello focused on interests and why identifying your interests is important.
  • Mission: School Subjects - Students complete a mission in Xello to learn about how they can use what they are learning in school outside of school.
  •  Mission: Managing Big Feelings - Students complete a mission in Xello learning about how to work through emotions to bounce back.
  • Teamwork/Cooperation - Students work together in small groups to accomplish a common goal.

4th Grade Lessons

  • Goal setting - Students will set a goal for themselves, including action steps. 
  • Trying My Best - Students will reflect on their effort towards schoolwork and how that relates to their success.
  • Skills - Students explore the skills needed to be successful in a future career.  
  • Tools for Success - Students learn about skills that can help them be a successful student. Skills include: prioritizing, organizing, taking initiative, and building confidence.

5th Grade Lessons

  • Learning Paths - Students learn about the many different options available for them after high school graduation.
  • Entrepreneurship - Students explore the topic of entrepreneurship and the risks and rewards associated with owning their own business. 
  • Learning and Future Success - Students complete activities designed to show the importance of being a life-long learner. 
  • Facing Big Challenges - Students explore the skills necessary to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Factors that Influence Career Choice - Students will learn about different factors to consider when determining a career and compare those factors to careers they like.
  • These lessons will either be completed in school or posted in the School Counselor Google Classrooms. Students were also encouraged to explore on their own from home. We encourage students to log-in at home to share with their parents the new things they are learning. 


Log-in Information: 

  • Username is your 6-digit student ID# with PL- in front of it. Ex. - If the student ID# is 12345, the username would be PL-12345
  • Password is your birthdate in an 8-digit format using all numbers, no slashes, dashes or spaces. Ex. If the birthdate is June 12th, 2008, the password would be 06122008

If you have any questions regarding the career information above, please contact the counseling office at extension 3011.

Have you heard of the Monroe Career and Technical Institute (MCTI)? MCTI is a school in Monroe County students can attend for free beginning as early as 9th grade. A representative from MCTI will come to PVI in the spring to talk to the 5th graders. Click the link below to learn more about MCTI.

Monroe Career and Technical Institute

Happy Exploring!!