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PA Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements 

Under the regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, children in all grades (K-12) in 2021/2022 will be required to provide proof of having received the following immunizations or immunity prior to being admitted to school:

  • 4 doses of tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis* (1 dose administered no greater than 4 days prior to the fourth birthday) 

  • 4 doses polio vaccine (4th dose on or after 4th birthday and at least 6 months after previous dose given. If 3rd dose was administered on or after age 4, a 4th dose is not required in this series.) 

  • 2 doses of measles, mumps, rubella**(1st  dose given on or no greater than 4 days prior to the first birthday)

  • 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine (There must be at least 24 calendar days between dose   

1 & 2, 2 months between dose 2 & 3 and a minimum of 4 months between dose 1 & 3, dose 3 must be given at age 24 weeks or greater.)

  • 2 doses of varicella vaccine*** (1st dose given on or no greater than 4 days prior to the first birthday) or chickenpox immunity proven by laboratory testing or a written statement of history of chickenpox disease from a physician. The second varicella must be at least 29 days after the first one.

                             *Usually given as DTaP, DTP or DT or Td

                             **Usually given as MMR.  

                             ***There must be 28 days between the MMR and VV if they are not given on the same day. 

Seventh through 12 Grade ADDITIONAL immunization requirements for attendance:

  • 2 doses of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV)

  • First dose is given at 11-15 years of age; a second dose is required at age 16 or entry 

into 12th grade.

  • If the dose was given at 16 years of age or older, only one dose is required. 

  • 1 dose of tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis (Tdap) 

  • Students must have the Tdap and first MCV to be able to enter 7th grade.

Exclusion From School

In accordance with the above regulation, since you have provided evidence of at least one dose of each vaccine, your child may attend school provisionally after “A plan for completion of the required doses” has been provided.  Your child must comply with current immunization law which requires completion of required immunizations or provide a medical certificate completed by a physician, certified registered nurse practitioner, physician assistant or local health department.  Any student who does not complete the required immunizations will be excluded from school until the requirement is met.

Medical Exemptions

Children need not be immunized if the family physician (M.D or D.O.) provides a written statement that immunization may be detrimental to the health of the child. When the physician determines that immunization is no longer detrimental to the health of the child, the child will have to comply with the above immunization requirements.

Religious Exemptions

Children need not be immunized if the parent/guardian or emancipated child objects in writing to the immunizations on religious grounds, or on the basis of strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief. The statement must be written on the back of the child’s “Certificate of Immunization” located in the school nurse’s office.