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Parent Pick Up Overview

Pick-up Instructions:

Pleasant Valley Intermediate School utilizes a personalized hang tag for parent pick-up, which parent(s)/guardian(s) are to display in their vehicles during dismissal. Personalized hang tags may be obtained by completing an application. Applications should be submitted prior to the start of school in order to facilitate a smooth and orderly pick-up procedure during the first week.  Parent pick-up can be every day or occasionally. Students who will be parent pick-up periodically throughout the school year will still be required to complete a parent pick-up application and utilize a personalized parent-pick up hang tag.  In addition, a note or email should be submitted to the PVI main office by 2 P.M. the day that the student will be picked up. Please send emails to

Parents/Guardians will utilize the circular drive at the east end of the building (1st driveway on your right from Burger Hollow Road on Polk Township Road). Upon entry in the driveway from Polk Township Road, parents/guardians should form two lines traveling towards the building separated by the broken white line. Parents/Guardians should stop in two lines at the top of the driveway prior to entering the circular drive near the building and wait for direction from building staff. Parent/Guardian vehicles will transition into one line before entering the circular drive with the assistance of building staff providing direction. The personalized parent pick-up hang tag should be placed on the front windshield of the car so that it is clearly visible. Parents/Guardians will remain in their car during the dismissal process beginning at approximately 3:25 PM. Staff members will communicate the identification numbers of the vehicles and students will walk out and enter on the passenger side of the car. In an effort to maintain safety and make this process as efficient as possible, we ask that you encourage your child to report directly to the parent pick-up area upon dismissal.