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Pickup Drop Off Reminders

Things to remember for parent drop-off and parent pick-up include:

  1. Be alert at ALL times.

  2. When driving on school property, please maintain a safe speed limit of 15 miles per hour or less. For the safety of our students, please do not pass other cars during drop off and pick up. 

  3. Students are not permitted in the building prior to the assigned start time.

  4. Children should never be dropped off and left unattended prior to the start of the school day.

  5. Advanced notice, by sending a note with your student, or am email to, should be provided with the date, the child's(ren’s) name, the name of the individual picking up the child, the teacher's name and time of pick up.

  6. A child will only be released to individuals listed on the parent pick-up note and the emergency contact information. Please update your child’s(ren’s) emergency contact information regularly through the PowerSchool parent portal. 

  7. Students will only be released to individuals 18 years or older with appropriate identification. 

  8. We ask that parents should not use cell phones while picking up or dropping off children.

  9. Please obey all parking lot signage.